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About African Tanzanite Safari

African Tanzanite Safari is a locally owned Tour Operator and agency based in Arusha City with years of experience in organizing safaris and mountain climb in Tanzania-East Africa.

We are specialized in accessing the many untouched, remote, and authentic destinations, especially in popular national parks. We offer custom tours with an itinerary based on your choice of highlights, activities, accommodations, and budget. You can make your own personal tour and we assist with the planning and preparations.

Besides organizing lodges, tented lodge, and camping safaris, we have a lot of experience in combining luxury tented camps, lodges, and budget camping safaris. These combinations are very adventurous as you camp inside the parks, and you can get closer to nature with all the sounds surrounding you. All our guides are well-trained and very experienced. They have a very good feeling for hospitality and will make that extra step to ensure you have a fantastic safari experience. If you would like to travel with us, we will make sure that the preparation of your tour is as smooth, pleasurable, and stress-free as possible


Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Mission 

To provide an unique safari experience for everybody, by focusing on sustainability, honesty and transparency, driven by our passion to make places accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Our Vision

To be a top leading Tour Operator Company, promoting eco-friendly Tourism in Africa with aim to provide unique safari experience while increasing our online existence.

 Our Core Values

At African Tanzanite Safari, our core values form the foundation of everything we do. They guide our actions, decisions, and interactions with our clients, partners, and the communities we serve. Here are our core values:

1. Excellence: We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our services, from personalized customer care to meticulously planned and executed tour experiences. We strive to exceed expectations and continuously improve to provide the highest quality experiences for our clients.

2. Authenticity: We value authenticity in showcasing the natural beauty, cultural richness, and wildlife diversity of Tanzania. Our tours offer genuine experiences that respect and honor the local traditions, customs, and environments of the places we visit.

3. Sustainability: We are dedicated to sustainable tourism practices that promote the conservation of Tanzania’s natural resources, wildlife habitats, and cultural heritage. We prioritize eco-friendly initiatives, support local conservation efforts, and engage in responsible tourism activities that benefit both the environment and local communities.

4. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our interactions. Our clients can trust us to operate with integrity, fairness, and professionalism at every stage of their journey with us.

5. Respect: We value and respect the diverse perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds of our clients, employees, partners, and the communities we encounter. We strive to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and appreciated.

6. Passion: We are driven by a deep passion for Tanzania’s natural wonders, cultural heritage, and wildlife conservation. Our enthusiasm and dedication inspire us to go above and beyond to create unforgettable experiences and share the beauty of Tanzania with the world.

Our Team

African Tanzanite Safari is renowned for its exceptional tour services, specializing in unforgettable experiences across Tanzania. With a team deeply passionate about showcasing the beauty and diversity of Tanzania, we ensure every traveler’s journey is not only memorable but also enriching. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism sets us apart, ensuring that we leave a positive impact on both the environment and local communities.

Each member of our team plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional service and creating unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Here’s a list of key team members at African Tanzanite Safari;

Managing Director: Oversees the overall operations and strategic direction of the company.

Operations Manager:Manages day-to-day operations, including tour logistics and customer relations.

Tour Guides: Experienced professionals who lead travelers on safari adventures and cultural excursions, providing expert knowledge and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Customer Service Representatives: Assist clients with inquiries, bookings, and any other pre- and post-trip assistance.

Marketing and Sales Team: Promotes the company’s services and develops partnerships to attract travelers from around the world.

Finance and Administration Staff: Handles financial matters, including budgeting, invoicing, and administrative tasks to keep the business running smoothly.

Our Partners

African Tanzanite Safari collaborates with a network of trusted partners to enhance the quality and variety of our tour offerings.
Each of our partners contributes to the overall travel experience by providing services, activities, or insights that enrich the journey for travelers.
Here are some of our key partners:

1. Accommodation Providers: Lodges, tented camps, hotels, and resorts located in various destinations across Tanzania.

2. Transport Companies: Airlines, ground transportation providers, and charter services for both domestic and international travel.

3. Conservation Organizations: Nonprofits and conservation initiatives focused on wildlife protection, habitat preservation, and sustainable tourism practices.

4. Cultural Communities: Indigenous communities, cultural centers, and organizations offering authentic cultural experiences and interactions.

5. Adventure and Activity Providers: Companies offering activities such as safaris, hot air balloon rides, mountain climbing, snorkeling, and cultural tours.

Government Institutions

As a tour operator company in Tanzania, African Tanzanite Safari collaborates with various government stakeholders to ensure compliance with regulations, promote sustainable tourism practices, and support the development of the tourism industry. Here are some of the key government stakeholders we engage with:

1. Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism: This ministry oversees the management and conservation of Tanzania’s natural resources, including national parks, game reserves, and wildlife habitats. We work closely with the ministry to obtain necessary permits and licenses for our tours, as well as to support conservation efforts and wildlife protection initiatives.

2. Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB): The TTB is responsible for promoting Tanzania as a tourism destination and regulating the tourism industry. We collaborate with the TTB to market our tour packages, participate in tourism events and exhibitions, and adhere to industry standards and guidelines.

3. Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA): TANAPA manages Tanzania’s national parks, ensuring their conservation and protection for future generations. We work in partnership with TANAPA to organize safari tours and provide visitors with memorable experiences while respecting park regulations and wildlife conservation principles.

4. Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA): TAWA is responsible for the management and conservation of wildlife outside of national parks and game reserves, including community-based wildlife management areas (WMA). We engage with TAWA to support community-based conservation initiatives and offer ecotourism experiences that benefit local communities and wildlife conservation efforts.

5. Ministry of Finance and Planning: This ministry plays a role in regulating taxes, fees, and tariffs related to tourism activities. We ensure compliance with financial regulations and contribute to government revenue through taxes and fees associated with our tour operations.

6. Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA): TCAA is responsible for regulating civil aviation activities in Tanzania, including air transportation and airport operations. As a tour operator, we work closely with TCAA to ensure compliance with aviation safety standards and regulations when organizing air safaris or charter flights for our clients. We adhere to TCAA guidelines regarding aircraft safety and air traffic management to ensure the safety and security of our clients during air travel within Tanzania.

Why Choose African Tanzanite Safari for Your African Safari?

Like all of our holidays on this site, this is just an idea. All of our trips are tailor-made, so we'll always adapt them to suit you.


Our team has extensive experience in the safari & mountain trekking, and knowledge which enables us to deliver expert advice every time.

Tailor-made African Safaris

Plan the adventure of a lifetime. We create bespoke unforgattable Tanzania safari experiences unlike any other.

Our Partners

All our safari specialists are professional safari guides, camp managers, or people who were born and raised in Tanzania.

Keeping Current!

We invest significantly in the training & progression of our safari specialists. They're guaranteed extensive trips every year.

We are here for you! Tanzania is our home and we can’t wait to share our experiences with you!”

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