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Begin planning your Tanzania Honeymoon

Tanzania is unquestionably one of the very best destinations for an African Honeymoon. It has it all for a safari and beach honeymoon – the fantastic Indian Ocean havens a short flight away from amazing parks with plenty of big five and predator action.

We understand that your Tanzania honeymoon needs to be a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and perfect. With our in-depth knowledge of the country and many decades of travel planning experience, we can ensure that it will be.

Tanzania Honeymoon Itineraries:

The most important decision to make when planning your Tanzania honeymoon is between the North of Tanzania and the South (or both). Northern Tanzania is rightly renowned as one of the world’s top safari destinations: the iconic Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater offer outstanding game viewing year-round, perfect for first-time safari goers and experienced safari enthusiasts alike.

The downside of the north is that it is understandably popular, so all but the most exclusive locations are pretty busy, and prices are also a bit higher.

Activities are strictly regulated here, so most lodges only offer standard game drives (no walking, boating, or night drives). It is also a little further from the beach and takes a little longer to cover the circuit properly.

This is where Southern Tanzania comes in. The gems of the South are Selous Game Reserve (the largest game reserve in Africa) and Ruaha National Park – both have remained unspoiled by mass tourism and as a result, offer a more authentic and intimate safari experience.

The South has fantastic game viewing and is in season from early July until the end of October. The rules here are more relaxed, allowing boating, walking, and fly camping in the bush. Accommodation is better value (more luxury for your money), and the parks are closer both to each other and the beach, meaning less time and budget spent on traveling.

Zanzibar is a fantastic option for a beach break. There are several superb beach options, with prices varying hugely. Zanzibar has so much to offer, we’ve given it a whole page to itself – see Zanzibar Honeymoons.

Other surrounding islands cater to big diving fans (Mafia and Pemba) and a few private islands, see Mnemba and Fanjove, for the ultimate exclusive experience.

Tented Camps or Non-tented Camps

A common misconception is that there is a massive difference between tented camps and non-tented options. The assumption is that tented lodges are “basic” and not fit for honeymoon luxury whilst wooden structured, solid lodges are more luxurious. In truth, some of the most luxurious camps in the country can have a canvas covering…

As well as a pool, amazing food and all the amenities in the world. Likewise, some non-tented options like the Serengeti Serena offer permanent, solid walls – and granted – a pool, but the quality of the safari experience is somewhat under par in comparison to some excellent, authentic, safari-mad tented camps like the fantastic Lake Manze which would provide a honeymoon to remember.

Mobile tented camps

The one exception is when it comes to “mobile tented camps”. Located in the Serengeti, they move two to three times throughout the year to be well positioned for the Great Migration.

Because of their mobility they do not have pools, plumbing (though you still get manually heated showers), electricity is limited (but there!) and there are no solid structures, so you are most definitely in a tent… Even though it is a very luxurious tent nonetheless. The “camping” style of the mobile camps does not mean that they aren’t of the highest quality, but if you like big rooms and even bigger pools, then they may not be for you.

We think the tented camps exude old-school safari romance, so where possible, we will always recommend at least a few nights in one. Heading to a more overtly luxurious camp after this is a great way of mixing adventure and creature comforts and a killer combination.

How much does a Tanzania honeymoon cost?

Tanzania offers a real range of accommodation options with safari prices starting from around $450 per person per night and going right up to $2,500 open at the top end. These rates generally include all your game viewing activities, meals, and drinks. For beach time, the prices are much cheaper, starting at around $180 per person per night, but they also go up to the exclusive island prices which can be $1,700 per person per night.

We can also arrange the internal flights between safari and beach, which as a guide cost around $250 per flight per person; though this is very rough!

Our best value 10-night safari and beach Tanzania honeymoon would cost around $3,500 per person; a mid-range 13-night safari and beach honeymoon would cost around $6,800 pp, and for those who like the finer things in life, a high-end 11-night safari and beach trip would cost around $9,500 pp. An uber-luxurious 10-day safari and beach trip would cost from $15,000 per person upwards.

When to go on a Tanzania safari and beach honeymoon?

Tanzania is located in the tropics so you can expect temperatures of 25 degrees C + throughout the year. It is possible to visit all year round, but the best time for weather is technically from July – September when the weather is dry and the wildlife is prominent. The only time of year we would not recommend if you are looking at beach time on your honeymoon is in April and May when Tanzania experiences its main rainy season… Not very good for an Indian Ocean honeymoon!

However, if you are just looking at safari, are adventurous, and are on a tight budget, then the rainy season can be extraordinary. Lots of new life roam the parks, the bushes are lusciously green and it is a beautiful time to be in Tanzania… And the prices of amazing lodges are seriously slashed. However, there is a reason the prices are less – the wildlife is more dispersed so less easy to spot, it is raining and chances of getting stuck in the mud are increased! But for some, Tanzania’s green season is an adventure like no other.

Our preferred time of year is in the shoulder season months of October and June. Here, you get reduced rates from the high season as well as some fantastic special offers. In some cases, you can get exactly the same high season experience a few days into shoulder season and pay half the price! The wildlife is fantastic in these months and the parks are quieter as it is just outside the school holidays.

Each time of year has pros and cons for each location, so the best option is to contact us and chat with one of our Tanzania experts.

How to go on a Tanzania safari and beach honeymoon?

Tanzania is blessed with miles of beautiful wild coastline as well as a number of pristine Indian Ocean Islands. From any safari location in Tanzania, you can reach the beach within a few hours – a real advantage over other African destinations where you have to cross borders, overnight in city hotels, and generally waste precious money and time.

Further afield, a safari in Tanzania can also be combined with the Seychelles or Mauritius, but you will have to factor in extra travel time and possibly a night in Johannesburg. We would always recommend sticking to the beaches off the mainland for your Tanzania honeymoon, so you can make the most of your precious honeymoon time. Also, this means you can spend the money you put aside for flights instead on more premium accommodation options.

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