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Discovering Tanzanite: Unveiling the Unique Gemstone Exclusive to Tanzania

Tanzanite is a rare and valuable gemstone that was discovered in Tanzania in the 1960s. It is prized for its vivid blue to violet-blue color and is often used in jewelry. Tanzanite is a variety of the mineral zoisite and is typically heat-treated to enhance its color. It’s considered one of the birthstones for December.
Tanzanite is primarily mined in the Mererani Hills of northern Tanzania, near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s one of the few gemstones that is found in only one location worldwide. 
Tanzanite is prized for its unique features:

1. Color:Tanzanite exhibits a remarkable range of blue to violet-blue hues, often with a pleochroic quality, meaning it shows different colors from different angles.

2. Clarity:It usually has good clarity, with few visible inclusions, which enhances its brilliance and value.
3. Durability:Tanzanite has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, making it suitable for jewelry, though it requires care to prevent scratches or damage.
4. Rarity:Found in only one location in the world, Tanzanite is considered rarer than diamonds, adding to its allure and value.
5. Cut:It’s often faceted to maximize its color and brilliance, with popular cuts including oval, round, pear, and cushion shapes.
6. Treatment:Most Tanzanite undergoes heat treatment to improve its color and clarity, a common practice in the gemstone industry

As for where it is sold, Tanzanite is sold globally through various channels, including jewelry stores, gemstone dealers, online retailers, and auctions. Major gemstone markets such as New York, Bangkok, and Hong Kong are significant hubs for the sale of Tanzanite. Additionally, Tanzania itself has a thriving market for both rough and cut Tanzanite.

In Tanzania, especially in areas like Arusha and Dar es Salaam, you can find numerous curio shops and jewelry stores that specialize in selling Tanzanite. Some well-known ones include:
1. Tanzanite Experience: Located in Arusha, this is a popular destination for tourists interested in Tanzanite. They offer guided tours and have a showroom where you can purchase Tanzanite jewelry.
2. Tanzanite Dream: Situated in both Arusha and Dar es Salaam, Tanzanite Dream is known for its high-quality Tanzanite jewelry and gemstones.
3. Mirerani Tanzanite Store: Located near the Mererani Hills, where Tanzanite is mined, this store offers a direct source for Tanzanite, often at competitive prices.
4. Gem Point:This is a renowned jewelry store in Arusha that specializes in Tanzanite and other gemstones. They have a wide selection of Tanzanite jewelry, from rings to necklaces and bracelets.
5. Tanzanite Experience Boutique: Another branch of the Tanzanite Experience, this boutique is situated in the heart of Stone Town, Zanzibar, offering Tanzanite jewelry for tourists visiting the island.